Built-in VPN Browser

BrowserJet - A Way To Browse.

BrowserJet allows you to run multiple sessions with built-in multiple IPs in a single browser.

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Core features


Multiple sessions on a site

Open as many sessions on the same website as you want with our browser, you don’t need to run proxies to hide your identity. Get a different cookie jar for each tab so you can run many sessions at once.


Reload the tab with a new proxy

This button allows you to reload your tab with a fresh IP of your selected region. You can stay anonymous and surf the web with multiple IPs and log in to one or numerous websites with as many accounts as you want.


Manage multiple accounts

Try our accounts management feature and fill out forms quickly. Copy everything in just a few clicks, whether it be your email, password, or last 4 digits of your credit card.


Get a screenshot

You can also capture your screen into the image by clicking on the capture icon. This allows you to save the information you need while browsing the web with a different geo-location.

Use Cases