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Retail Price Comparison

Imagine how you would feel if your friend bought a piece of a kitchen appliance for $300, and you had to pay $380 or more for the same item. The case is made worse when you and the said friend bought from the same vendor. At that instant, you can’t help but feel like you have been cheated out of your hard-earned money.

A VPN Browser allows you to compare pricing of the same item from different eCommerce sites by allowing you to browse the internet from a fake location. To put that better, you get to browse the internet from your country/ location like you were in another country/ location.

What BrowserJet Does:
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You can open as many sessions on the same website as you want. Each tab gives you a new IP and cookie jar so your identity remains anonymous.

Reload your tab with a new built-in proxy in one click. Not only is your current IP burned but you are also allotted a new IP from our vast pool.

Go from browsing with your local IP to an anonymous one, without getting your session interrupted. Switch to either your own proxy or our default proxies.

You can change your geolocation to US, UK, CA, AU, and many more while using our proxy browser. Bypass IP bans by changing your location.

Write down information within the browser, instead of going through the hassle of saving everything in a text file and then pasting it to different sites.

Add color to your tabs and easily differentiate between each one. You can also set a timer to your tabs, and get reminded to check back when your queue ends.