Secure your online privacy and freedom with our feature-packed VPN Browser.

Run Multiple Sessions

Get a different IP and cookie jar for each tab so you can run many sessions at once. Each tab is a new browser in itself.

Switch Between Regions

Change your geolocation and open up doors to new markets. Access blocked content of other regions

Reload With A New Proxy

Burn IP and reload with new cookies and session. Get a new IP on one or multiple tabs in just a click.

Switch To Proxy

Go from browsing with your local IP to an anonymous one, without getting your session interrupted.

Jot Down Sticky Notes

Write down all the necessary information on each tab and copy/paste it to any site whenever needed.

Add Colors To Your Tabs

Add up to 30 colored tabs allowing you to easily differentiate between each one of them.

Add Timer To Your Tabs

Add a timer manually to your selected tab. Get a reminder to instantly check back that tab again.

Fill Out Forms Quickly

Copy and paste everything in just a few clicks, whether it is your email, password, or other details.