BrowserJet for Crypto

Access To International Markets with VPN Browser

More serious crypto users and traders may want – or need – a VPN browser in order to support their activities and business. Because crypto markets are located all over the world and do not always offer the same currencies on each market, you may want to access an international market or market outside your home country. Not all markets are the same, and overseas markets often have more tokens and options, making them superior or simply more appealing to outside users.

Generally, a crypto market will assess a users’ IP to determine if they are allowed to access that market. Location is assessed based on IP, so users accessing markets where they are not local can then use a VPN Browser like BrowserJet to change their IP and appear local. Thus far, VPN blocking is not in place for most markets; it seems the marketplaces don’t mind having international people as long as their geolocation is correct based on IP.

If you are wondering how to invest in Bitcoin or another currency in a foreign country, a VPN Browser is an easy answer. The risks of not using a VPN aren’t worth it. If you are caught using a foreign marketplace from a non-local IP (or your real IP if you are outside the geo), there is some risk of getting “caught” and some markets are known to freeze your funds and hold them for a period of time before returning them. Of course, they will also likely ban you from the market.

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Keep Your Crypto Trading Activities Anonymous

Don’t want your ISP or other parties to see everything you do online, including your browsing history and your crypto trading activities? BrowserJet is just what you need! It anonymizes all your internet traffic by hiding your real IP, so you get control over how you’re identified online.

Whether you’re creating a new crypto account or wallet, viewing your balance, trading, selling or buying, a VPN is a must-have tool for crypto online (and every time you connect to the internet). A VPN browser secures your connection to protect your privacy. Additionally, using a VPN browser allows you to access more crypto markets and coins without restrictions, and to appear local to whatever market you want to trade or invest in.

Create Multiple Crypto Trading Accounts

BrowserJet gives you a different session with each tab, allowing you to open up multiple profiles in different crypto markets. Not only this, BrowserJet is great if you are a frequent visitor of a crypto site. You can easily log in to one marketplace multiple times in a day. Save all your info in one place! Whether it be your email, password or last 4 digits of your credit card, copy everything in just a few clicks.

Stay Safe and Private While Using Crypto

All users, from those who make a living out of trading to casual users, can benefit from using a VPN for crypto due to the privacy and security implications. A VPN browser like BrowserJet secures your connections with encryption, meaning that all transactions are secured and no one can see that you are making them. It allows you to hide your geolocation (IP address) and identity, adding even more protection for you personally and for your crypto transactions. Recently, there have been some more pressing reasons to use a VPN for crypto, including an increase in fear after higher profile events surrounding crypto. Anyone possessing crypto may want to try harder to stay as private as possible. You can use BrowserJet’s VPN to keep your crypto trading safe and private.