Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about BrowserJet.

Sign Up / Get Started

Visit the pricing plan page on our website and select the plan you want to go with. Next, you need to register yourself by entering your username and password and proceed to the payment page once you have signed up. You are all set to download the setup!

Visit our 'Accounts' page and click the button next to 'Forgot Password'. Enter your account's email address there and you will receive an email containing your account's password.

Once you have signed up, you will be able to download the setup of BrowserJet. Install the setup with pre-requisites. Open the shortcut file, browser will ask for your credentials. Enter your email and password. You are all set to use BrowserJet.

Using All Features / Proxy

By simply clicking on reload with new proxy button. Your IP will be changed for the current tab.

Accounts management feature uses groups to save your account information. To use this feature, you will have to save groups in the browser first and then you can save your accounts information. To view the accounts info, you just have to click on the account name and the selected one will be copied to the clipboard.

BrowserJet uses its own proxy and session. Every tab you open has a different proxy and session.

Simply a click on screenshot button. It will capture an image and save it in your folder.

By clicking on the duplicate tab button you can open up to 10 duplicate tabs of the current website you are browsing.

When you run the BrowserJet exe, you can select view to mobile view. It will allow you to browse the web from a mobile user’s perspective.

BrowserJet has its own proxies for users. Also You can add manually your own proxies.

Billing and Payments

Yes, you can purchase the browser, but it will run on your local system IP as you do not have proxy bundle.

BrowserJet uses SSL Certificate to have secure, encrypted communications between a website and browser. Our website is secure for payments and transactions.

Payments will take place via Stripe Checkout API.

If you want to automatically renew your account, you need to add a ‘check’ on auto-renewal, in About us window in the browser. You can also uncheck it to stop automatic renewals.

License / Browser Proxy

BrowserJet can only run on one system at a time. If you want to run BrowserJet on another system with similar license, please use your existing license key and enter it in the old user panel, on the registration page of the application.

If you purchase any bundle from us, the data of each bundle will be shared on multiple licenses. Like if you have a 10 gb bundle of data and 5 licenses on your email, it will be shared among all 5 of them.

For a new user: You will be charged monthly for your license.
For an existing user: You will be charged as per the billing cycle of Proration. Proration is when services are added in the middle of a billing cycle, they are only charged for the time you use them, rather than for a complete month. For example: you have license(s) of BrowserJet with the expiry date of 28th Dec and you want to purchase more license(s) on 29th Nov, you will be charged for the remaining 29 days.

Release Notes

Australia - AU and New Zealand -NZ regions added.

TM and AXS issues fixed.

Account Manager issues fixed.

Multiple colors to tabs added.

Tab color now auto changes after the queue completes.

Netherland region added.

Added a new region 'Italy' in the launcher.

BrowserJet will now launch with the ideal region and VPN settings by default.

The device error issue for TM/LN has been fixed.

Switch to proxy mid-session.

Tab management made easy.

Update BrowserJet with a single click.

Bug fixes.

The update contains working for Gmail Login issues and Nike issues.

Some improvements in product performance.

Bug fixes and minor user interface enhancements.

The update contains changes in the Accounts Manager feature.

Users can now browse with their local IP instead of a proxy. This option can be toggled on and off.

Some improvements in product performance.

Bug fixes and minor user interface enhancements.

Note: One month will be considered as 30 days.